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How does this work?

Every month we give to our subscribers a free Basic lease to a beat, only available that month. During that month the Basic lease and the Exclusive license are not available for purchase.

You can however get the multi tracks for the beat if you wish to by purchasing the Premium lease which is available.

With a new month on horizon, the beat changes, the old one becomes fully available with regular licenses and a fresh one is sent to subscribers with a free Basic lease.

What can I Do with the free Beat lease?

Well, it’s a normal Basic Lease that we normally sell for $29 so that in essence means that you can use the beat in one project that you can sell in up to 5000 copies and generate up to $2500 in performances with it [your finished project].

I think it goes without mention but you cannot re-distribute or re-sell the beat.

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What Else Can I expect from the newsleetter?

When we have anything good to share regarding the music industry or tips that you can use to increase you fan base we’ll send a quick mail with the said tips.

This however will be no more than twice a week, likely not even that often as we only send good quality stuff.

From time to time we also send discount coupons or some other form of promotion but we won’t bug you with every new beat that we have available, you can see those on our various social media channels.

And again, once a month you get a new free lease. No need to check for it on this page, we’ll just send it to you.

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